General Forum and Chat-Box Rules

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Re: General Forum and Chat-Box Rules

Post by Kitties R Us on Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:23 am

Clarification on a rule here:

References to swearing, and swearing with symbols is also not allowed here.

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General Forum and Chat-Box Rules

Post by Kitties R Us on Wed Jun 29, 2011 12:03 am

First, This a family Friendly forum! So lets keep it like that.

Second, don't spam. The types of Spamming that's not allowed on this forum are these:

1. Random gibberish: ASGFJDPuoNK
2. A Random, Useless Topic like: "Puppy Dawgs"
3. Don't post things like "me to" or "like they said" Without quoting the person!.
4. No one word posts

That's all spamming, and you'll receive 5 SPAM points per post, and 10 per topic.

Third, don't swear. Even though we have a filter, This place has no COPPA, so if some six-year old's on and they see a Swear word and start using it, that's trouble.

Next, No Flaming. This means direct insults at other users..

And you must NEVER give away your address or Full name!

If you post anything that someone else made and claim as your own, such as music, graphics, Cats, Pictures or anything

Also, no Trolling. This is when you harass, impersonate, or intentionally annoy other users. You'll likely be banned if someone reports you for this, and it's proven true.

You also shouldn't double post, just use the handy edit button. One of the most important rules.

Please do not post Depressing Topics like: "Has Something bad happened to your family?" You will receive 20 SPAM points per topic like that.

Don't ask for power (Mod, Admin, or any other group.) If We think you are responsible, we'll upgrade you.

No posting inappropriate Stuff. This forum, again has no COPPA... If there are links to or posts containing explicit, Blood and gore or mature content anywhere, you will be Perma-Banned.

Last, but not Least, don't post ANY illegal material. You all know what you're posting, so if you post any illegal material you'll be Perma-Banned immediately.

You, also need to post ten spam free messages before you can send PMs or have a signature.

Also, the forum has a Warning Bar System:
No Warnings:
One Warning:
Two Warnings:
Three Warnings:
Four Warnings:
Five Warnings: (You'll get Perma-Banned)

You'll also be Perma-Banned if you're hosting two accounts. (A.K.A Ban evading.) Brothers and Sisters don't count, that's fine.

If you abuse the similes You will get 10 spam points and a Warning.

Chat-Box Rules

The Chat-Box is a place to talk and have a good time. It won't be fun if someone is not following the Rules.

Please study the rules and try your best to follow them.
The rules are the same as the normal forum rules; Except there are a few extra rules that apply only to the Chat-Box...

- No annoying users to say stupid things or answer stupid questions that are either irrelevant or just unimportant..

- Don't repeat the same thing over and over again, it's not gonna make it anymore popular or important.. Just ask once.

- DO NOT Swear, Cuss or anything. The chat has no filter.

- No Spamming smileys.

- Do not harass users when there are no chat Mods on. If you are being harassed PM an Admin.

If you don't follow the rules you could be Kicked or even Banned from chat.

Now, go out and have a blast on these forums, just make sure that you follow the Rules So everyone has a great time!

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